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A couple of years ago, I touched base on some of the key principles to handling the deployments of machine learning models. These days merely deploying machine learning models into production is often not sufficient. What matters is to operate them at scale, and this requires a very different process…


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Being a role meant to support the decision-making process, Data Engineers need to understand certain Financial concepts and know-how to best leverage them in their data models.

Some concepts are particularly important for Data Engineers activities, namely amortization, and allocation. While other concepts of controlling such as entitlement values, mix…


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DBT is a tool that aims at facilitating the work of analysts and data engineering in transforming data and modeling within a data warehouse. It provides a command-line as well as a documentation and RPC server.

After more than a year working with DBT, I thought it would be good…

Julien Kervizic

Living at the interstice of business, data and technology | Head of Data at iptiQ by SwissRe | previously at Facebook, Amazon |

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