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Being a role meant to support the decision-making process, Data Engineers need to understand certain Financial concepts and know-how to best leverage them in their data models.

Some concepts are particularly important for Data Engineers activities, namely amortization, and allocation. While other concepts of controlling such as entitlement values, mix…

ON Data Engineering

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Data classes are a relatively new introduction to Python, first released in Python 3.7 which provides an abstraction layer leveraging type annotations to define container objects for data. …


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DBT is a tool that aims at facilitating the work of analysts and data engineering in transforming data and modeling within a data warehouse. It provides a command-line as well as a documentation and RPC server.

After more than a year working with DBT, I thought it would be good…

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Data Modeling seems to have become a lost art amongst data engineers. What was once the primal part of the job of a data engineer seems to have been relegated to a secondary rank.

Shaping the data by developing an understanding of the underlying data and the business process going…

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This month was quite active with news and release in the Data space, with two big conferences going on — Amazon’s re:Invent and Neurips, as well as the official release of Airflow 2.0 and an introduction to the principles and architecture of the Data Mesh…

SQL, Databases, and ETL

SQLite received a new release(3.34.0)


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The shift towards real-time data flow has a major impact on the way applications are designed and on the work of data engineers. Dealing with real-time data flows brings a paradigm shift and an added layer of complexity compared to traditional integration and processing methods (i.e., batch).

There are real…

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There are different estimates for Salaries available online. Glassdoor provides a general overview of salaries for Data Scientists, StackOverflow provides a specific calculator, and several recruitment agencies provide salary estimates for different positions.

For instance, Harnham produces an annual salary guide for many data professions across the UK, several European…

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With everyone trying to get everything out of the door before the Holiday season, November was a busy month for the data world, Airflow 2.0 …


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Postgres as a database is a very versatile database, with a high degree of extensibility. It can be extended through extensions, UDFs, UDAF, UDT. There are quite a few features not currently available within the native implementation. …


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SQL is one of the key tools used by data engineers to model business logic, extract key performance metrics, and create reusable data structures. There are, however, different types of SQL to consider for data engineers: Basic, Advanced Modelling, Efficient, Big Data, and Programmatic. …

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